Greetings from our Yoga Retreat Goa. Celebratory water coconuts all around, please!!

We are officially half way through the season with 4 months left of joyous practice, Yoga Retreats Goa and trainings. The resort of full of yogis from all corners of the globe and Palm Trees Yoga Resort is really taking shape. When Julia took over the resort, she had a vision. Her vision was a yoga school/retreat and resort for powerful practice and a great place to chill and have fun. And so we offer Yoga Retreats, Yoga Teacher Training and Holiday Accommodation. During the last few weeks, that vision has come to life. 

Palm Trees Yoga Resort has been the result of hard work, dedication and motivation through a few tough years. But the resort is now up and running in all it’s glory. We could not be happier to have a yoga community once again in Patnem.

Rocket continues to be a huge part of our Yoga Retreat Goa schedule and Julia will continue teach Rocket Vinyasa on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as part of the Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat schedule. This practice is going from strength to strength here  and will continue, Rocket Goa…here we are! Our 9.15am Drop In Flow will continue to run for our guests and neighbours.

So far this season: 9 gorgeous yogis have graduated from our 200 and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training programs, we have had over 50 yoga retreat guests here in Goa and we have hosted hundreds of holiday guests who are happy to hang out and chill with us. Our trainings/retreats include cottage accommodation at the resort, half board and a community environment. Julia has lived in the area for 10 years and hosts, helping guests make sure they make the very best of the local area.

Trainings and retreats will continue until the end of May. With flight prices coming down and the e-visa easier than ever, it could be a reality to visit George and Julia here in Goa. 

Big love from Goa, the Palm Trees Yoga Crew xxx

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Yoga Retreat Goa

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