Yoga Retreat Goa

If you want to escape the cold winter, maybe you need some time for yourself to destress from all the things back home, or you are just ready to treat yourself, then a Yoga Retreat in Goa is the best place for your next destination.


Goa is a true paradise to visit, with its endless white beaches lined with palm trees, stunning mountains and scenery. This tiny state in India, which was formerly a Portuguese colony, gained notoriety in the early 1960s for its hippie movement.

While the north, with all the parties and nightlife, still retains some of its hippie vibe, the south of Goa is far more serene. Here you can find all the rest you need and experience the Indian lifestyle in its best way.

November through March are the ideal months to visit Goa. The rain season has just ended, and the days are perfect with bright blue skies and a temperature of about 27 °C. You could spend the entire day floating in the sea due to the pleasant and warm water temperature.

During daytime you have many options to keep yourself busy. Visit one of the many waterfalls, experience a little bit of the Portuguese culture that is still presence, go on a boat ride and see dolphins in the Arabian Sea, dine on some of India’s best cuisine, and engage in a host of other activities.

Yoga Retreat in Goa

A great way to get away from home and meet like-minded people is to attend a yoga retreat, where people of all levels are welcome. You can go deeper into your yoga practice or immerse yourself if you are a complete newbie. The teacher will always modify the practice to the group’s skill level and offer assistance if needed.

You will always make new friends on a yoga retreat by connecting with people from all over the world. Or just take a friend or your partner with you. Because a yoga retreat goes deeper than a normal holiday, there isalways someone around you with whom you can share your story, and so growing together with all the layers yoga has to offer.

Yoga opens your heart, it allows you to release all your stress, and giving you the answers to the questions you are searching for.

Come with an open heart and mind to experience all the different types of yoga that are available. Each teacher has a different style that he or she uses to help you develop in your practise and in all aspects of yoga.

And remember… it’s a holiday where you are free to do what you want. Maybe you want to sleep in every day and skip the morning practice, prefer to lie in a hammock all day, hang out on the beach, or visit the sights here in Goa.

Yoga Retreat at Palm Trees

We have you all covered here at Palm Trees, where you can join our yoga retreat all season long. You begin the day with a yoga class and can then come have breakfast with us. After that, you have the entire day to yourself. Maybe you fancy an Ayurvedic massage that we offer at Palm Trees or go to the beach within a 10-minute walk.

There is a second yoga class at the end of the afternoon, which will end just on time for you to see the sun going down in the sea. There are always yoga teachers walking around who are happy to help you with any questions about yoga and your own practice.

We are here to help you with everything you need so that you can enjoy yourself to the fullest.

See you soon in Goa!

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