About Us

Welcome to Palm Trees Yoga Resort Goa. We’ve been established here in the local community for years as a renowned Ayurvedic retreat: Palm Trees Ayurvedic Heritage. It wasn’t until Julia Gavin joined the team in 2019 that we opened as a yoga school & resort. Thanks to Julia’s 10+ years of experience leading yoga teacher trainings in Patnem, and the support of our lovely students from all over the world, we have established ourselves as a yoga hub nestled in the peaceful backwaters of Patnem beach.

We offer an experience that continues to resonate long after you leave us: nourishing, rewarding, transformative. A place that stays in your heart, and a time you’ll never forget. This is a place to discover the joy of yoga and the true meaning of community.

Our Location | Patnem Beach

Hello, Goa! It doesn’t get more serene than this. Our Yoga Resort is situated just off the small, charming, scenic Patnem beach. This is an ideal place to chill and practice yoga. Patnem is a beautiful beach that is both calm and quiet with a lovely street of restaurants and shops to enjoy on your off time.

Community & Culture

We have a treasured relationship with the local community. Join us to experience authentic Goan life. Just off the charming Patnem beach, we are immersed in the safe family village of Patnem.

Immersed in Nature

A slice of yoga paradise on the backwaters of Patnem beach. It is not unusual to see eagles, monkeys, butterflies and countless other flora and fauna as you retreat in our peaceful abode.

Safe & Supportive Environment

Our highest priority is to ensure you feel safe and supported throughout your stay. Our friendly team will welcome you with open arms and we can even offer airport collection for added ease.

Traditional & Contemporary Fusion

We believe this approach to yoga is exactly what you need to thrive. We are not an ashram. We offer immersive educational trainings that support you with a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary wisdom.

Palm Trees Yoga Resort
yoga resort goa

Yoga = Union. True Yoga is practiced on and off the mat.
It unifies the self: mind, body, spirit.
And unites us with the people around us.

Palm Trees Yoga Resort is your new home away from home. Come and rejoice in the practice of yoga in its truest sense of the word: as union. We provide an immersive experience with a high vibrating community of people and deliver high standards in everything we provide. We know how transformative the practice of yoga is. For this reason, we want to make your experience as special and memorable as possible. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you.

Check here for more information about our Yoga Teaching Trainings:

Do you want to develop your self-practice?

We have a a special guide with the best tips to improve your yoga practice at home.