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Palm Trees Yoga Resort Goa

Welcome to Palm Trees Yoga Resort Goa. We offer holiday accommodation, yoga retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings. Palm Trees Yoga Resort welcomes guests of all abilities (from all corners of the globe) to immerse themselves in nature at our tranquil eco-resort. Maybe you would like to join us for yoga, maybe a training or maybe you just want to relax under the palms, we have something for all.

You’ll find us hidden amongst the coconut palm trees of South Goa, on the peaceful backwaters of Patnem Beach. Our resort is walking distance from all the essentials: beach, supermarket, chai shops, rickshaws, restaurants, cafes, beach bars and more. Our season runs from October to May. Guests are welcome to join our daily drop in yoga classes.

Throughout the season, we offer Yoga Teacher Trainings and Retreats. We fuse authentic yoga tradition with contemporary knowledge. And our team of experienced teachers are here to support and guide you. We deliver high standards in everything we provide and welcome you to join us in our little yoga paradise. Our trainings are registered with Yoga Alliance.

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Yoga Resort Goa
Yoga Resort Goa
Yoga Retreat Goa
Yoga Retreat Goa

Palm Trees Yoga Resort Goa

Our Teacher Trainings

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa

Palm Trees Yoga Resort Goa offers this 200 hour YTTC in Ashtanga & Vinyasa for anyone looking to deepen their personal practice or become a yoga teacher. Join us for a full immersion into all aspects of yoga (philosophy, asana, meditation, anatomy, teaching, alignment, Ayurveda) in our 200 hour yoga teacher training in Goa.

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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa

An advanced 300 hour YTTC in Vinyasa & Ashtanga yoga. For the devoted yogis who wish to expand their knowledge, skills, and practice. You will learn complex and creative sequencing, study in-depth yoga anatomy, and practice advanced adjustments. Join us at Palm Trees Yoga Resort Goa for this 300 hour yoga teacher training.

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500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa

This is our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, followed by our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. It is an ideal way to submerge in your practice and get your 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training in one immersive experience. You will learn the foundations of yoga teaching and practice in your 200 hours YTTC, and then expand and deepen your knowledge in your 300 Hours YTTC.

Palm Trees Yoga Resort Goa

Our Yoga Retreats & Holidays

Looking for a yoga retreat in Goa? Palm Trees Yoga Resort is the perfect place to unwind and restore. Guests will enjoy accommodation in our Keralan style eco-cottages. With yoga classes from dawn till dusk in a variety of styles and levels. Plus, we can arrange Ayurvedic treatments and massage in our nearby spa.

Yoga Retreat Goa

Beautiful two weeks at Palm Trees Yoga Resort Goa, if you are looking for relaxation and tranquillity, and want to practice yoga, I can recommend this beautiful quiet place, under palm trees. Living quite simply in small huts, delicious breakfast especially fresh. Thanks to the whole team, thank you Julia and George for letting me be a part of this beautiful place.

Sieglinde, Germany

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