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We offer yoga teacher trainings in Goa. Our residential courses are registered with Yoga Alliance, and our season runs October to May. You can join us for your 200 hour, 300 hour, or 500 hour yoga teacher training.

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Upcoming training dates 2022/23

200 hour YTTC
300 hour YTTC
200 hour YTTC
300 hour YTTC
200 hour YTTC
300 hour YTTC
29 Oct – 19 Nov 2022
20 Nov – 18 Dec 2022
22 Jan – 12 Feb 2023
19 Feb – 19 Mar 2023
25 Mar – 15 Apr 2023
16 Apr – 14 May 2023

Our trainings

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga, Yoga Anatomy, and Ayurveda.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa

300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Yoga Anatomy, Sequencing, and Adjustments

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa

500 hour Yoga Teacher Training – 200 hours followed by 300 hours

Why Choose Us?

Goa is a popular destination for yoga teacher trainings. With so much choice, it can be hard to decide what’s right for you. If you’re considering a yoga teacher training in Goa, Palm Trees Yoga School is perfect for you if…

You’re travelling solo or it’s your first time to India

If you’re feeling a little apprehensive, we’ve got you covered – we’ll arrange your airport pick up and welcome you with open arms. You’ll feel yourself safe and immediately at home.

You want knowledgeable & experienced teachers

From diverse backgrounds, and with over 10 years of experience hosting yoga teacher trainings all over the world, our knowledgeable and passionate teachers will guide you on your yoga journey.

You want to connect with like-minded people

It’s more than a yoga teacher training. It’s who you meet. The wonderful yogis that become supportive new friends. You’ll share your experience with a high vibe community of people who quickly become lifelong friends.

You desire to deepen your own yoga practice

Our yoga teacher trainings in Goa are not just for aspiring yoga teachers. They are for anyone who loves yoga and wants to immerse themselves in it. A wonderful foundation to lift you off into teaching, or to deepen your personal practice.

You want authentic yoga tradition plus contemporary knowledge

A full immersion into all aspects of yoga: old and new. Palm Trees Yoga School in Goa offers professional yoga teacher training with a joyful blend of yoga tradition and contemporary knowledge.

You’re a foodie seeking nutritious and well-balanced meals

Wonderful nutritious meals are served to compliment your training schedule. We offer a fusion of South Indian and European cuisine to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Freshly prepared every day at our Riverside Restaurant.

And the big one… You want a beach holiday and yoga teacher training!

It speaks for itself… There’s no place like Goa. All our yoga teacher trainings are located a 2-minute walk from the hustle and bustle of the beach: the perfect environment for your yoga study. And, when you want it, the beach is just around the corner.

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