300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa

In Sequencing, Yoga Anatomy & Adjustments

10+ years teaching experience

1000s of graduates

Yoga Alliance Approved

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Welcome to this 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa, presented by Palm Trees Yoga School and led by Julia Gavin. We offer students this advanced training in Vinyasa Sequencing, Yoga Anatomy & Adjustments. This is a 4-week residential course.

Introduction | 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa

300 hrs YTTC Goa

This is an advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa. We advise students to have yoga teaching experience along with a 200 Hour YTTC certification. This will allow students to fully access the curriculum to build on existing teaching skills and knowledge.

Our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Goa offers a modern approach to teaching yoga with emphasis on developing a practice in Vinyasa Flow. We will support you to bring your most authentic self to your teaching practice. This course offers new depths of knowledge and experience grounded in Yoga Anatomy, creative sequencing, and adjustments. Students will gain technical information on how to develop a safe and intelligent yoga practice. And you will be guided to deepen your personal knowledge & practice, so that you can be the best yoga teacher or practitioner you can be.

Group sizes are small and intimate to give you the best experience and personal guidance. We cap numbers at 8 students on this course.

Course Objectives | 300 hour Yoga TTC Goa


Develop a practice of Vinyasa Flow through the foundation of Ashtanga Yoga


Understand the technicalities of advanced postures & complex transitions


Create & present an advanced Vinyasa Flow sequence


Learn how to adjust postures & apply in practice


Develop commentaries to give anatomical & technical guidance


Discover a holistic approach to the anatomy of yoga through the fascial body


Connect with your meditation practice & explore advanced breath work


Expand your study of The Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita

300 hour yoga teacher training Goa
300 hour yoga teacher training Goa

The Anatomy of Yoga

Students will learn about the skeletal muscular system. This module will include the anatomy of the shoulder, hips, spine, and feet. We will also work with an understanding of the Fascial body: the Superficial Front and Back Lines, Spiral Lines and Arm Lines. Julia’s teaching is incredibly practical. She is fanatical about the fascial body and together we will explore the concept of biotensegrity. This is undoubtedly a very technical module in the YTTC and we will integrate the learning of this throughout our practical work and teaching. Students are encouraged to learn about anatomy through experience, experimentation, and functional movement.

300 hours yoga Goa

Advanced Vinyasa Flow

Our morning practice in Goa will include Advanced Vinyasa Flow. Students will develop a self-practice of Vinyasa Flow by understanding how to prepare the body to achieve or advance postures. Peak yoga postures will include: King Pigeon, Vasthistasana, Grasshopper, Koundinyasana 1&2. The classes will bring together the traditional alignment of Ashtanga Yoga and contemporary wisdom of functional movement.

Teaching Methodology

The course will encourage students to build on their existing repertoire of teaching tools. This module will focus on how to develop a yoga commentary and discover your unique teaching style and energy. The teachers will use technical anatomical language to give an accessible and popular commentary. Advanced teaching methods will include The Music Flow, Mandala Sequencing, Peak Posture Pyramid, and Vinyasa. This module allows students to demonstrate what they have learnt and engage in experimentation and playful discovery.

Ashtanga Yoga Adjustments

Students will develop a hands-on approach to teaching and adjustments. An adjustment allows deeper access to postures and is an important part of the practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Adjusting in Vinyasa Flow has becoming increasingly popular and is an excellent thing to be able to offer your students. The Adjustments Module will outline what you can and cannot do in a yoga class and how to take precautions when teaching and adjusting a yoga class.

300 hour yoga teacher training Goa

Advanced Yoga Workshops

Play time! Julia offers these workshops in a fun and progressive environment with the aim of understanding key Vinyasa Flow postures and transitions. Students will explore postures through a lens of traditional alignment mixed with functional movement. We discover how we move from posture to posture with the transference of weight, be present with mind-body-spirit, and find integrity to practice yoga on and off the mat. This is how we develop an intelligent practice.

  • Shoulder Stability – Supporting Yourself!
  • Happy Hips – Everybody Feels!
  • Ashtavakrasana and more
  • Handstand – It’s all about the journey!
  • Backbending – Vulnerability & Transition
  • Myofascia Release – What keeps us stuck?

Workshops will include mini flows, yogi drills and mindful stretching, partner work and exploration, cuing tips and playtime.

Yoga Philosophy

Students will learn about the surrounding philosophies of Ashtanga Yoga and the history of this practice. Teachings will come from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita. To immerse ourselves in our yoga practice is to understand it’s surrounding philosophy and application. Discussion will be supported and encouraged as we discover what it means to uphold these philosophies as 21st century yogis.

Advanced yoga training Goa
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Booking Info

We want students to stay with us at the resort. Firstly, we want students to fully immerse themselves into the yoga training. Secondly, we want our guest to eat together as a family. Thirdly, we have a range of accommodation types to suit all budgets. The tranquility of the resort provides an excellent study environment and opportunity for transformation on many levels.


19 Nov – 17 Dec 2023
18 Feb – 17 Mar 2024

What’s Included in your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?


300 hour yoga course tuition & qualification


Course materials & bonus workshops


28 nights accommodation at Palm Trees Resort


Shala facilities: access to Ayurvedic treatments


Breakfast and lunch



Juice, teas & coffee throughout the day


Access to Wifi


A community of like-minded people


Prices start from €2499. We have several options of accommodation to suit all budgets, ranging from Quadruple Cottage to a Private Cottage. Check out our accommodation page for more information. There are limited places for non-residential if you are staying nearby. Please note, our shared accommodation is single sex. Male students will need to take a private cottage unless booking with a friend to share.

Quadruple Cottage


  • 28 Nights
  • 4 x Single Beds
  • Bathroom
  • Wifi
  • Female only

Shared Cottage


  • 28 Nights
  • Twin Beds
  • Bathroom
  • Wifi
  • Single sex

Standard Private Cottage


  • 28 Nights
  • King Size Bed
  • Bathroom
  • Wifi
  • Double Occupancy (€5499)

300 hour yoga teacher training Goa


For all course enquires, you can email Julia, Lead Trainer, through our contact page. We fully understand that this is a huge commitment with lots of yoga schools in the area to choose from. She will be able to give any advice on how to select the right yoga course. We’d love to connect so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Absolutely loved my 300hr YTT lead by Julia. Her passion for yoga & anatomy especially is contagious and still gives me a solid base for my yoga therapy training two years later. 😃

So if you’re still hesitating: She’s a fantastic teacher with the uncanny ability to present even the more complex topics in an easy to understand (and remember), practical way! 😄

Carina, Germany

300 hours Yoga Goa


Morning Practice
  • Led Ashtanga Yoga / Vinyasa FlowMysore Style Ashtanga Yoga
  • An Introduction to Meditation (incorporating various techniques)
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • Mantra Chanting
  • Beach walks
Are there any requirements?

Ideally, you need a 200 hours Yoga Alliance registered certification although this is not essential. Students should have a strong & steady practice; some foundational knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology and Yoga Philosophy; teaching experience. This course attracts yoga teachers and so is taught at a much higher level than that 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. 

What kind of certificate do I receive?

The course is registered withYoga Alliance. This is an internationally recognised certification. You will receive your certificate on completion of your 4 weeks with us.

How much is the first instalment?

You will need to pay a 500 euro deposit to secure your place. This is payable through Wise. The rest is due on arrival and cash is the cheapest way to pay your tuition fees.

Is dinner included?

We do not include dinner as our guests usually go to Patnem Beach for sunset after a day of yoga classes. There are so many great restaurants on Patnem Beach and in the surrounding area. We encourage our guests to sample delights ranging from local Goan cuisine to trendy vegan treats.

Do I have to take my own yoga mat?

We have yoga mats for you to use but we recommend that you bring your own. 

Do you want to develop your self-practice?
We have a a special guide with the best tips to improve your yoga practice at home.