Can I travel to Goa now from UK? Rules for Yoga Travel Explained!

If you’re a yogi wanting to complete your 300 hr yoga teacher training (and you want to do that in India, the birthplace of yoga) you’ve probably got a lot of questions about international travel right now. For instance… Is travel to Goa possible? Is it safe to travel to India right now? Is Goa open for yoga? Do you need a vaccine to travel? To clarify things, today we’re answering some of your questions!

Is Goa open for tourists now?

In short, the answer is yes, Goa is open to tourists. And yes, you can come here to do your yoga teacher training. It is safe and simple to travel to India and many tourists are already taking advantage of that. If you decide join the happy peeps already here, you’re safe to stay with us at Palm Trees Yoga Resort in our yogi bubble! 😊

Can I do my yoga teacher training with the e-visa? 

Yes! Your e-visa permits you to enter the country for one month (30 days). In other words, the perfect amount of time for your TTC in Goa! You will complete your yoga course in the time that you have (we’ll make sure of it!).

Do I need a vaccine to travel?

At the present time, you do not need a vaccine to enter the country. You need only proof of a negative RT-PCR test.

Travel to India from UK: Is India issuing tourist visas?

Yes, we can confirm India is issuing tourist visas again. Therefore UK tourists can travel to Goa providing you get your visa is sorted. How? Firstly, apply online via the portal. Secondly, get an appointment in London or Birmingham to submit. The visa should be processed and sent to your home address within 5 – 7 working days. Visa complete and you’re on your way to Goa. Finally, you show a negative RT-PCR test upon arrival, and complete an online declaration form about where you’ll be staying at Palm Trees Yoga Resort.

What’s it like in Goa right now? 

Goan life is the same as it’s always been – relaxed, chilled out, beautiful sunshine, good people, and good vibes. Things are a little on the quiet side, so you won’t experience the hustle and bustle of peak season Goa – but you can enjoy all of the other things Goa has to offer (without the crowds). 

Because business is slower than usual, our 300 hour yoga teacher training course this March is offering a HUGE discount. Click here to check it out. We’re the only place in the area doing advanced yoga teacher trainings, and we’re really excited to start sharing again! The group is intimate (there’s only a few spots left) and we’ll be going deep into yoga anatomy, adjustments and advanced sequencing for ashtanga vinyasa flow, so make sure you don’t miss out!

In conclusion…

We know you’re probably feeling hesitant or worried about international travel, but we wanted to make this post to reassure you that travel to India is safe and possible. The people who are here are enjoying the peace and relaxation of Goan life, and as restrictions relax and life is getting back to some semblance of normality, we are so excited to be offering this advanced teacher training course. So, if you’re feeling the pull to advance your practice – come! Join us!

Travel to Goa is possible, and your yoga teacher training awaits!

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