If you’re starting to daydream about your 2022 holiday options, here’s why we think a holiday in Goa is your best bet! We’ve got five reasons why Goa Holidays are something you should be considering this year…

Reason 1: Direct Flights to Goa from London Heathrow

Yep, London to Goa direct flights! How easy is that?! Your Goa holiday just got that much easier – no transfers, no worries. You can browse tickets to India, London to Goa, via Skyscanner. And for the latest updates and prices, you can even put notifications on for tickets to Goa from London so that you get the best deal.

Reason 2: Goa Travel Restrictions

Is Goa on the red list? No, it’s not! In fact, the latest travel rules for India make travel to Goa from the UK easy. You are no longer required to quarantine upon arrival, so you can enjoy your Goa holidays without worry. All you need is a negative PCR test, your e-visa (which gives you 30 days to enjoy the Goan sunshine) and to fill out a passenger locator form upon arrival which says where you’ll be staying. Why not check out Palm Trees Resort in Patnem?

Reason 3: Goa Cuisine

No Goa holiday would be complete without a traditional Goan curry. If you stay with us at Palms you can indulge in Goa cuisine all day – breakfast, lunch and dinner – in our onsite riverside restaurant. Also, fruit season is coming! First the cashews, then mangos. Food wise, we couldn’t think of a better time to be here.

Reason 4: Beach Accommodation

If you’re not sure what to expect from accommodation on your Goa holidays, take a look at our beach accommodation. You can enjoy the beach, the palms of Goa, the tranquil river, all in the retreat like setting of Palms Trees Ayurvedic Resort. What’s more, it’s warm, it’s relaxing, and it’s the best of a yoga retreat, a wellness retreat, and an Ayurveda retreat all in one!

Reason 5: Goa Vibe

It’s hard to explain… Goa has a special feel about it (just ask anyone that’s been). From Ayurveda, to yoga, from the beach to the food, Goa is magic. It’s the culture, the spirituality, the history, the beauty… The energy of Goa is truly unique.

It’s so nice to see the place getting busier and to have that Goa vibe back. The place is incredible, but it’s the people that make it come to life. So, if you feel the call to visit – maybe for the first time, or maybe you’re longing to return – we’d love to have you.

The season runs from 1st November to 31st May.

Goa holidays 2022, have we convinced you?

Good! Go swap your pounds to rupees and we’ll see you soon!

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