How to become a yoga teacher?

It’s possible that you’re fed up with your present position and want to move on to something new. Perhaps you want to start improving your own practice and discovering all there is to know about yoga. Whatever your motivation is, a yoga teaching training will learn you a lot about yoga, and most importantly, about yourself. It is therefore a unique opportunity to grow, and a special chance to meet like-minded people and make new friends from around the world.

A yoga teaching training is an adventure of a lifetime.

The Myths

Let’s first clarify a few myths so you’ll know what to expect and what not to. You don’t need to have years ofexperience or be able to perform a handstand to participate in a yoga training. You don’t have to be flexible or super strong. Although we recommend having at least a couple of months of yoga experience and a basic level of fitness. And no, you don’t need to be vegan.

A yoga teaching training is accessible to everyone. You simply need to be open to discover new things about yourself and all that yoga has to offer, as well as to stepping a little outside of your comfort zone.

What can you expect during a 200hr Yoga Teaching Training?

Typically, a 200-hour yoga training lasts around three weeks, where you practise yoga almost every day. You start your morning with a yoga flow like Ashtanga, Vinyasa, or Rocket Yoga. This brings you in the right focus for the next class, Pranayama & Meditation. Here you will discover everything there is to know about meditation, pranayama, and breathing.

It’s time to fully immerse yourself in the postures after breakfast. Each pose is deeply explained on a playful way, and you learn the alignment, cues, and how to guide someone into the pose. You will also learn everything about the anatomy of the body and how yoga poses affect it.

You will continue studying philosophy, learn how to set up a class, engage in teaching, attend various workshops, and more in the afternoon. You then end the day with another yoga class from where you have time for yourself.

After these three weeks you have deepened your own practice and will be ready to teach. If you want to develop yourself further, you can do a follow-up course, e.g. a 300hr Yoga Teaching Training, or you can followworkshops that focus specifically on topics like hip openers, handstands, anatomy, etc.

Can you teach immediately after completing the Yoga course?

After getting your certificate, you will have enough knowledge to teach. You can then start teaching a small group of friends at home or go to a local yoga school and ask to teach there.

However, teaching yoga involves more than just a certificate. It is a commitment to continually improve yourself and be available to assist others in expanding their practise.

Teaching yoga is a journey that never ends.

It is important to continue with your own practice and take lessons from other teachers. Follow workshops, read books and experiment. By doing this, you will keep developing yourself and get inspired to try new things. This will help you further develop your own practice and teaching style.

What does a role as a teacher look like?

Your role as a teacher is to guide people in their yoga practice. You do this by creating a sequence of postures and guiding your students from one pose to another. During the postures you give cues and tips on how a posture feels, and sometimes you give adjustments so that people learn to understand the pose better or just get a little deeper.

But as a teacher you are not just there to talk people into and out of a pose. You are also there to make them aware of their body, breath and mind. To share bits about the yoga philosophy and to support your students on any way.

How to become a Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teaching Training Goa

If you want a unique experience, then India is the right place to do your training. Yoga originates here, and Goa is the home to a wide variety of yoga schools.

With Palm Trees Yoga you have the option of doing a 200hr Teaching Training or a 300hr Yoga Teaching Training. Our small classes with no more than 12 students allow you to get all the attention you need. And best of all, we’re located in the middle of a beautiful forest, so you can relax in peace and quiet while being 5 minutes away from the beach by foot.

Click on the button below to learn more about our yoga teaching training in Goa or contact Julia by email or WhatsApp if you have any questions.

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