We just love a good breakfast at Palm Trees Yoga Resort and there are so many great places for brunch in South Goa. Guests are welcome to take brunch in our river view cafe but we get also get asked for recommendations for South Goa. Our teacher training students take Sunday off. This is a great day for brunch in South Goa. Here are a few of our faves:

Zest, Palolem

Take brunch at Zest in Palolem, South Goa, a vegan and vegetarian restaurant situated on the beach. Enjoy beautiful views while sipping a cup of good coffee – yes, they have a proper coffee machine. Zest is not only a treat for breakfast, but also serves great lunch and dinner.

Our favourites: Try out their smoothie bowls for something sweet. Take scrambled eggs with feta or avocado bruschetta for a savoury breakfast. We also love an oat milk cappuccino here.

Mandala Cafe, Agonda

Mandala Cafe in Agonda is just a 20 minute rickshaw drive from Palm Trees Yoga Resort. Agonda Beach is worth a visit. You can explore the area, starting with a hearty breakfast at Mandala Cafe.

Our favourite: Try their vegan omelette or smashed avocado toast with an iced chai latte.

Karma Cafe & Bakery, Colomb

Karma Cafe is in Colomb on the road to Palolem. Enjoy a freshly baked vegan croissant in the morning. They are serving many delicious, healthy dishes all day long. It is Julia’s favourite hideaway for coffee, toast and her laptop.

Our favourite: Try the vegan croissants and their delicious vegan wrap with spinach.

The Mill, Palolem

The Mill in Palolem has cosy seating and is a great spot for relaxing during the day. Their menu offers a wide range of sweet and savoury treats for breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks.

What to get: Try the Vegan Bhudda Burger and anything in their delicious cake vitrine.

Patnem Chai Shop

For an authentic Indian breakfast, pop into one of the local chai shops for brunch in South Goa. We love Patnem Chai Shop. It is an institution that has been going for years, a great pace to meet fellow travellers and find out what is happening in the area.

What to order when you go local: a masala chai with a samosa, banana bread or be totally local and try their bhaji.  

Join us soon at Palm Trees Resort in South Goa. We offer Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Retreats & Holiday Accommodation. Visit our homepage for upcoming courses and offers. Happy brunching wherever in the world you are and we hope to see you soon in sunny South Goa.

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