Need more information about getting a visa for India? Are you from the UK and trying to get your visa appointment? With many of our UK students trying to get out to Goa for Yoga Teacher Training in the New Year, here is the latest heads up. We have the up to date visa information and relevant links for you to travel to India and take that yoga holiday in Goa that you have been dreaming about. There have beed significant changes to applying for the visa for India in the UK, we are keen to share.

Holiday in Goa
Holiday in Goa

Group visa applications can now be submitted…

Firstly, the embassy has agreed that one person can apply for a visa for India per group. This means that just one member of the group needs to make the appointment. All members of the party will need to submit an application form but just one person can go with all applications. All members need to submit a hard copy of the visa application form.. They are still very strict about the details on the application and will not accept any mistakes on the visa application form.

Complete your visa application here.

Visas applications can be submitted through an agent…

Secondly, you can now use an agent to apply for your visa. This is a costly way of applying for the visa but ideal if you are struggling to make the appointment due to work commitments. STA Travel and Visa Genie are both recognised agents to help you with the process.

New office opens in London

Thirdly, the Manchester office has reopened which is great for the Northerners. Also, a new office in Marylebone, London has opened to cope with the backlog of visa applications in the UK.

Check for your nearest VFS visa office here.

For majority of other countries, you can apply for an e-visa. This is significantly easier and cheaper and takes a few days.

Join us under the palms of Goa
Join us under the palms of Goa!

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